We can provide 3D laser scanning and SCAN2CAD services for your Site, Plant room or Residential project that is within 3mm accuracy and can be delivered in point cloud data form which you are able to use in a free viewing software, allowing you to walk through, measure and plan day to day jobs or large projects with ease. It will be able  to assist project managers, asset managers and team leaders by using the virtual copy of your site. No more forgotten measurements or trying to explain tasks / jobs with photos and hand sketches. Its possible to use this technology to overlay any CAD model and ensure there wont be any site clashes or troubles with the new design for your project which saves costly mistakes.

We provide CAD modelling for your project to be used for as built documentation or as a part of a BIM collaboration project. 

We recently employed this technology in our business as a part of our strategy to streamline our jobs and reduce mistakes, as we can take back to the office a digital replica of the site and design our piping and structural steel around it to ensure it fits first time.

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